Ni Hao!

I’m Tel, or Christel Amparado for long. 😛

I’m a Filipina based in Taipei, Taiwan. I work as a full-time product manual writer, and enjoy life as a part-time turista.

Welcome to my personal blog! Telyouwhat is where I get to write for myself and journal my experiences as a Pinay expat. Telyouwhat is actually a wordplay on “tell you what” and “Tel” (my nickname). I like the phrase “tell you what” because it’s what you’d often say if you want to give a new perspective on things, or offer a better solution. Here, I also write about my solo travels, reviews (mostly fangirling over gadgets and tech I actually use), and random life stuff that I hope may help you too, or at the very least, give you a new lens on life.

I hope you find my posts here quite useful, especially The Taiwan Guides. I’m sure you’d love to see Taiwan, if not again, after checking out the local hotspots you might discover here. 😉

Enjoying spring at Yangmingshan

If you have questions about any of my posts, especially travel-related, feel free to write to me at

Kitakits nalang! 😀

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