What a Wonderful Woman

I was on the fence about writing a review for this movie because it doesn’t need one anymore. BUT, there are just so many feels of a different kind for me that I think ought to be shared. Most people go to the movies, me included, to be entertained, to nitpick on the story, to be fascinatingly in love or in crush with the characters. However, it’s not always you see a movie that changes the way you think about certain stereotypes and breaks them without really shoving any moral values in your face.

That is what Wonder Woman did for me. Halfway through the film, I was actually wondering where sexy Chris Pine and Gal Gadot would come out. Even in the Amazon island, during those incredible scenes Robin Wright did, at some point I thought damn I’m watching an estrogen-fueled version of 300 minus the abs. And it was all good. Because the women were not sexualized, you would remember the movie for the acting, the characters being portrayed, and how they contributed to the story. You don’t remember someone’s boobies, those fine abs, those amazing biceps. I actually found it funny that the only sexualized character was Chris Pine’s Steve, and even THAT scene wasn’t too adult that I would feel it awkward to show to kids.

Wonder Woman strongly advocated equality in a way that makes you think rather than reprimands you. It does it so effortlessly that you don’t feel like you’re being shoved with moral values. It recognized differences and how it can work for the good, as shown in the different racial backgrounds of Steve’s friends. It also showed that there are men who are perfectly okay with women being the lead and it doesn’t in any way hamper them or make them less of a man. The movie empowered different kinds of people in their own way. There were no weak characters, and every protagonist was a hero. And Steve, my sweet Steve, was the perfect symbolism to the opposite of “behind every man is a woman.” 🙂

Although I found it cheesy at first that Wonder Woman said “I believe in love” at one of the climax scenes, in hindsight I realized it provided the femininity to her character. You know, if there’s any stereotype I like about womanhood, it’s that we are more emotional over males. If used right, our emotions allow us to balance the world with a little more empathy, a little more altruism. It’s like…caramel to salted caramel ya know? Haha. So I loved that Wonder Woman did feel love and that changed her. Okay, zipping it now lest I spill more.

The story overall wasn’t perfect. I get people who nitpick on account of two things—originality and faithfulness to the DC version. But in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter. For the first time, you will watch a movie that truly becomes a voice for important issues in today’s world—war, sexism, racism. And these heavy issues were so subtly yet effectively tackled that you’ll get it. You would understand it. And this is what really gets me, if I had kids I’d let them watch the film and if I have a son who says, “mom I want to be Wonder Woman!” I would totally get it and be okay with it. About time boys start looking up to female superheroes too and not be told it wasn’t okay. That it’s gay. What a great way to start breaking useless stereotypes.

As for the acting, Gal Gadot was impressive. She was believable because her facial expressions were so on point. The only person who can do that in action scenes were Angelina Jolie. Gal’s sexiest scene for me was when she came out in a trench coat. In a freaking, fully-wrapped around her, only the face is showing, trench coat. I wish she’d do more movies in the future. She kinda looks like Famke Janssen in some scenes, but I love the way she scrunches her brows together and how authentic the action scenes looked like. AND DID YOU KNOW SHE WAS PREGNANT WHILE SHOOTING THE MOVIE? I cannot. even. this. girl.

Meanwhile, Chris Pine provided the much needed softness to Gal Gadot’s character and it freaking works! About time someone took Chris Pine for serious! And he was so effortless that still makes him strong and not loser-ish. He is so in touch with his emotions, in a really good way, yet you don’t feel like he’s such a weakling. And, to top it off, Steve’s character was totally okay for Diana Prince to take the lead while he does the things he knows he excels at. No bitterness, no blaming, he didn’t even make a fuss of Diana being what she is. Yet, despite being secondary to her character, Steve was truly the fire that ignited the flame in every sense of that metaphor.

The amazon island was freaking amazing. I don’t remember Claire Underwood but I do remember seeing a Robin Wright launched into the air shooting arrows ohmygod. AND THEY USED REAL-LIFE FEMALE ATHLETES AS AMAZONS. Remembering the first part of the scene just makes me want to go on a treadmill now or bike to the end of Taiwan haha. I just wished there were more back story to Robin Wright’s and the Amazon Queen’s characters.

Still, overall, great movie you shouldn’t miss. EVER. Like really. Like I could watch it again and it was what I thought of when I walked out the theater. There’s not much to say here now but, watch Wonder Woman ASAP! Because you’d really miss a portion of life if you don’t ever get to watch it! 😛

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