Like Visiting a Good ‘Ol Friend

The weather’s been unkind these days but that didn’t stop me from revisiting my favorite Eslite bookstore. It’s been months since I had a proper bookstore visit and when I mean bookstore visit that amounts to spending an unlimited time inside browsing each and every nook, checking out the shelves, looking at the current books available under my favorite authors, and just losing all sense of time poring over books.
Eslite has three different branches that I know of here in Taipei, but my favorite is the one in Xinyi district. To get there via MRT, take the blue line going to Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center then get off at the Taipei City Hall station. At the Taipei City Hall MRT station, take Exit 2, turn left, then walk straight until you see the food court. Follow the signs you will see pointing to Eslite. Eslite bookstore is inside its mall.  The bookstore sections are located on the 4th and 5th floors.

Soon as I stepped inside Eslite, I was met by the same type of overwhelming force I felt when I checked it the first time. In the Philippines, I could say it’s like Fully Booked but even bigger, more diverse, and in some ways better. I love the fact that Eslite is not just your typical bookstore because it’s got more of a library feel to it than a shop that sells books.

The main thing I love about Eslite is the number of people, mostly locals, you will find inside poring over books. Eslite also allow people to roam freely and stay wherever you want while cozily checking out a book.


But of course, you can’t just open sealed books. You can only browse books that are open for reading and if you want to check out a sealed book, you have to ask a staff to assist you.

Eslite is a cultural melting pot on its own by way of books. When I visited it this weekend, I felt so nostalgic about my love for reading it almost put me in a trance. The only other time I remember feeling really really happy about something was whenever I discover a new path to bike or write prose. I guess only a bookworm can relate.

the rarest among Jung’s writings

this is kind of hard to find back in Pinas

There was a lot of Kerouac books on display

You MUST read at least one Ayn Rand book at some point your life.

Aside from books, the Eslite store in Xinyi is also a mall on its own. There’s also a music store, stationery area, gadgets, plus a home and living area to name a few.
If you are in Taipei and absolutely love books, I highly recommend you to visit Eslite. It’s a book-lover’s paradise and as an added bonus, the bookstore itself is open 24 hours! My friend said that some popular Taiwanese people visit the store around midnight, perhaps to avoid the usual hustle and bustle of its crowd.
Even if you are not a bookworm, I think you still ought to visit Eslite Xinyi and marvel at the cultural diversity you will find inside.


To promote learning English, Eslite gives discounts every 7th of the month when you purchase two English books! I also highly recommend for you to check out the music section.
I was tempted to buy a player upon seeing these hehe.


Seeing these genres reminded me of Tower Records which I used to visit in its heydays back in the Philippines.
It was so nostalgic to remember how sampler discs actually paved the way for me to broaden my horizons when it comes to music. It’s through these samplers that I discovered Pinoy homegrown awesomeness by the names of Up Dharma Down and Drip.

I went to Eslite at about 8:30 PM. I got out at around 11:30 PM. And when I got home, I was more than happy with my visit despite the harsh cold winter wind paired with a relentless rain.
Well, who wouldn’t be as happy as a kid on Christmas day when you also have these to take home…

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