My 2014 Life Starting Points

I have so much blogging backlog it’s not even forgivable anymore. As a whole, I think I can safely say that the backlog is a personal writing backlog which is just as good as saying I haven’t taken a proper bath in days. Or weeks.
When I started this blog I had the intention of keeping it updated which means writing at least once a week. Arguably, I do write so much for work (hello overtime!) but that doesn’t really count from a personal perspective. Before I fully embraced the shift into the writing profession, I made a personal commitment that I must also keep writing for myself thus the prose, poems, blog, and journals kept whichever way possible.
As I type these down, a lot of things are swimming in my head. My brain has been unconsciously proceeding with the writing as these ideas get bigger and bigger with every thought that piles on top of the other. Sometimes I think if only there’s some invention that can be brought to life wherein thoughts immediately get converted into writing, I’ll be the first buyer. The same goes for cameras that can take a snapshot straight from what the eye can see and totally independent of apertures, shutter speeds, ISO, and white-balancing.
So what’s keeping me busy? Well, ironically I have packed my 2014 almost to the brim. I wanted this to be my year in a way that makes me grow and acquire new skills that I am actually interested with and will be helpful to me in a long-term manner. I am writing these goals now to make them clearer and to add some pressure on me. Also, let me make this clear: these are life starting points which mean that they are supposed to make me better from their point of accomplishment onward.
The fact that I am posting this list on a blog site also adds to the pressure. By also sharing these to you I am adding more pressure to myself because I know that someone out there is smirking that I cannot do these. Being underestimated also makes me push the envelope. The more you don’t believe me, the more I will be inspired to prove you otherwise.
So let’s list them down:
          Get myself acquainted with cooking again and even invent my own recipes
          Dual-boot my netbook with Linux Mint and backup all my files to an external HDD
          Buy a laptop that can handle the latest Adobe CS and Dreamweaver, learn them as well as HTML/CSS
          Bike outside of Taipei and blog about bike-related stuff
          Visit at least one city other than Taipei every month and blog about it
          Visit at least one country other than Taiwan and Philippines
          Create an emergency fund this year that will not be touched unless it is an “emergency”
          Create a travel fund that will be used solely for travelling (domestic and international) only
          Keep my calorie-intake to 1,500 max daily
          Update my wardrobe and personal grooming know-how and have salon visits just for a haircut
          Look into the possibility of paying it forward via supporting another person’s education/an NGO that I can financially maintain as long as I can.
          Try to speak Mandarin to locals and avoid speaking in English during our conversation
My list looks tough but doable, especially the last item. I know that they may not exactly be as adventurous as you might expect but I believe that they are golden tickets to more life adventures. I only hope that I get to accomplish all of them this year and hopefully, have a fun-filled learning-driven 2014 in the process.
I hope in some way, however small, you also planned a list of things to accomplish this year. And by accomplishing them, I hope those goals become a door for you to unlock a better you or new life paths. Don’t let them end up like any old rusty medal or tarnished trophy sitting idly inside your life’s shelf. 

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  1. Hi Mandy! You're welcome and thank you too for reading my stuff, it feels wonderful to know someone else reads my blog (apart from maybe five friends? hahaha). If I may ask, how did you know about this blog? 🙂 I've got stuff about the Philippines and a few ones on Taiwan, I'll try to finish them soon as I can. All the best to you too!


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