Lutong Bahay in Zhongshan

Winter has suddenly ignited the domesticated side of me. Since I’ve been back from my vacation in the Philippines, I have been obsessing about my mini kitchen.

Thank you Carrefour for making my mini kitchen dream come true!

It all started with being over and done with takeout. I’ve been living on it for more than a year now. I thought I can survive but there’s only so much 7-eleven meals and chicken curry I can take before my palate starts to complain real bad. Also, it’s more expensive to always order takeout. I need to buy food during lunch then again for dinner. Food here can get really expensive, especially if your Mandarin skills are as basic to basically nothing as mine.

I think this newfound addiction to cooking home meals also started because of my food indulgence during my Pinas vacay. Imagine coming from all the sisig, lechon, kare-kare, garlic fried rice, and binagoongan you can eat to the usual blanched vegetables and Burger King cheeseburger. It is pretty depressing, even from a food lover’s POV. So I decided that I will setup my mini kitchen here in my apartment against all odds and end the painful suffering that unsatiated cravings bring.

DAISO and IKEA also made this home economics project possible. I thank you too.

It was challenging because my room’s studio-type and my only sink was in the bathroom. Luckily, I have a window that opens up to some spacious area outside which can help ventilate my room while I’m cooking.

That window is my saving grace against fried food suffocation and sounding off the smoke alarm.

The table that now supports my entire mini kitchen used to be a study table but thanks to DAISO, it was transformed to what convincingly looks like a dining table. The centerpiece of this mini-kitchen is of course, the stove, which was initially planned to be a conduction cooker.

But it ended up being a halo plate.

Thank God the box have English instructions.

The induction stoves I saw here are quite expensive and the cookware are also expensive. I just didn’t feel like investing that much since appliances here are made for 110V. If I go back to the Philippines, I’d still need to find a converter that would allow them to run on 220V. So I bought the cheapest and most versatile cooker instead.

Admittedly, the halo plate is currently giving me nervous jitters. I’m not too sure how it fares in terms of electrical usage. I hope I don’t suffer a nervous breakdown once I see my January’s utility fees. It just makes me happy to know that I can use any type of cookware on it.

Everytime I cook on my mini-kitchen, I feel like I can go Jamie Oliver on any recipe even though the last three ones I cooked were kinda lacking or too much of a something on the seasoning side of things. But that’s not going to stop me from whipping up more stuff on this kitchen and inventing meals when I can.

Hooray for lutong bahay in Zhongshan! 🙂

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