It’s Going to be Linux from Now On

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I am now a proud Linux Mint user! I am currently typing this post on a LibreOffice Writer and it feels so good to see the words come out as I type them. I no longer have to wait for the cursor to actually follow my keystrokes.
I wasn’t able to play much with Linux Mint in the past few days because of internet problems. But, as luck would have it, the router alternative worked! I’ve successfully setup a wireless connection in my room and solved the whole wired mess that I’ve been in. For now, I just want to document this important milestone. I can’t believe I’m actually going to run things via Linux from now on.
As I explore my new operating system, I discover that Petra (Linux Mint 16’s version name) has some stellar pixel quality. It kinda gives me the sense that I am using a Macbook’s graphic specs but with the familiriaty of a Windows environment. It’s so amazing I can’t even begin to describe how cool my screen looks now. It’s like I’m just a few pixels away from experiencing Retina.
Also, my whole OS right now works waaaaay faaaaaster than my heavily bloatware bloated Windows 7. The main reason why I decided to switch to Linux Mint was because my Windows 7 became so laggy I almost always want to cry when I boot up. Imagine having to wait around 10 minutes before you can successfully use the internet after pressing the power button. It’s become so slow I almost wanted to chuck my netbook out the window.
Switching to this OS was easy peasy. Really. I am going to detail it in a separate post. Right now, I still have my Windows 7 compressed and usable somewhere in my hard disk. Mind you, I was able to do all of these being the Linux newbie that I am by simply downloading the software in my USB then installing it in my netbook.
So why should you make the switch like I did? Well, three words my friend…THIS IS FREE!
Yes, you got it. No license, no purchasing required, and it only takes a few minutes to install. Best of all, Linux Mint has free support by experts and dedicated IT professionals themselves. I’ll detail my own dual-boot experience in a separate post in case you’ve been having problems with your OS too.
I found a way to solve my very slow netbook fiasco without having to reformat nor install a new anti-virus software. Yes, my friend, I am now enjoying this OS without the need for an antivirus bloatware.
I think I found a new BFF named Petra. 🙂

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