The Picturesque Yehliu Geopark

My favorite tourist spot here in Taiwan remains to be Yehliu Geo Park. It’s the most picturesque scene I’ve seen in my life so far. Everywhere you look, it’s impossible to resist the urge to snap a photo.

It doesn’t matter what type of camera you use. Chances are, the prints would look stunning. The place is proof that sometimes, great pictures are not really about the camera nor the photographer. It’s all about the view you photograph.

All of the Filipinos I know, I’ve managed to take to this place. It’s a must for me to show them this area because it’s just an hour and a half trip from Taipei.

If you happen to be a photography enthusiast, I really truly think you will enjoy this place.

Aside from the rock formations, there’s also a hiking trail that you can try.

The rock formations are au naturale. For more historical background, feel free to feast on this.

The sea also adds a more dramatic appeal to the place. I’ve been here quite a lot of times already and bore witness to windy days that drove clapped waves right onto the rocks…

…and tranquil sunny days that paved the way for gentle slopes of wavy frothy waters kissing the sides of those natural rock formations.

And in those tranquil days, there are fishing enthusiasts who get encouraged to try their luck right on the rocks.

Aside from the amazing views that I get to see in this place, I’ve always been amused too with the rock formations and the shapes that they seem to take on. The most popular is the Queen’s head.

Though my favorite are the mushroom rocks.

The candle (but yeah guys would say something else…) rocks.

And this rhino-looking rock said to be resembling a Japanese Geisha’s head. Huh?

Oh and there’s a floating pharaoh too.

So if you happen to visit Taiwan and have time for a day out of Taipei, I suggest you drop by Yehliu Geopark.

You can take the Tour Taiwan bus off Tamsui station or ride the express bus (bound for Jinshan Youth Activity Center) of Kuo-Kuang Co. at its West Station A in Taipei.

Check out this amazing natural sight to forget all your worries, forget all the hassles, forget all the haggardness you experienced.

Forget everything, except your camera.

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