See the Sea at Cijin

It’s winter but my first thought was to visit the sea and lose my thoughts in those waves. I discovered that enjoying the sun is much better during these cold days.

Anyway, since I am missing the beach I’ll be blogging about Cijin in the meantime. Work buried me for weeks now that this long overdue of a post took almost a month to write. Pfft. ANYWAY AGAIN, I shall take this time to relax and unwind as I recall that trip to the sandy seafood-rich mini island.

Cijin is the closest beach getaway that you can experience while you are in Kaohsiung.

Despite its traditional grayish sand, Cijin beach is kept clean and very tempting to dip in.

To reach the island from anywhere in Kaohsiung, you just need to get off the Gushan MRT station, walk for a bit, and then ride the ferry from Gushan to Cijin.

The streets leading to the Gushan ferry station are filled with noteworthy palate temptations.

While walking from the Gushan MRT station, you will most likely come by this strip of food stalls. I am telling you, you will not be able to resist checking them out.

You might also come across some bike rentals along the way and I would strongly suggest that you try and rent one if you plan to scour and comb Cijin. I didn’t exactly comb it more of I just walked it (haha very funny Tel, try again) and that proved to be a not-so-good idea. Biking is the way to go if you want to fully satisfy your Cijin curiosity. You’d get to cover more tourist spots that way too.

Don’t worry, because the ferry accepts bikes and even scooters on board.

The walk from the Gushan MRT station takes about five minutes and soon enough you’ll see the harbor where the ferry going to Cijin docks and takes tourists right to the said island.

The ferry ride takes around 2-3 minutes only. But you might get a bit overwhelmed at first when you see the queue of people wanting to ride the ferry like you.

I’m not sure if it was because of the holidays but it took me around 30 minutes to line up just to ride the ferry. But the good news is that once the line starts moving, it does move up a big chunk because the ferry is big enough to swallow chunks of the line. By the way, the ferry ride is just 15 NTD one-way and if you bought the 1-day or 3-day pass, you’ll have unlimited ferry rides within the card’s validity!

scooters scoot off the ferry onto the pier
Tuntex Skytower, I shall visit you next time.

As you get off the Cijin island, there are several sights to behold and visit.

Cijin’s ferry station

From the ferry station, you’ll immediately come by a bustling stretch of seafood love.

Ironically, this post do not have other seafood photos aside from this. Why? Because I was too amazed to see the other items sold I just gaped away and forgot I have a camera.

You will pass by Tianhou temple as you walk along and I suggest that you also drop by the site.

If you try to read up on Cijin island, travel sites would probably point you to these two famous landmarks: the Cihou lighthouse and the Cihou fort. Well, I am not sure if I saw the fort, but I most definitely did not get myself face to face with the lighthouse which I strongly regret. I missed out on getting those panoramic shots that most people do when they visit Cijin.

But I actually came to Cijin because I wanted to see the beach. It was only there that I learned that there’s a fort and a lighthouse that are popular tourist destinations too. I didn’t get to see Kenting and Ryukyu, so the Cijin beach was more than a comforting pat to my dampened plans.

Aside from visiting the beach, I also decided to walk around the island…

This tunnel leads to a mini trail around the Cijin island.

and came by these lovely views:

I am thinking of coming back to experience the seafood plus finally FINALLY get that panoramic shot of the Cihou light house.

But for now, I’m content to view it from this angle as I caught the sun slowly bidding me good bye on my ferry trip back to Gushan.

Thank you Cijin. I got a feeling I’ll see you again. 😉

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