A Travel That Weather Can’t Spoil

What’s the biggest ticket you can ever purchase if you want an unforgettable adventure?


A book.

Nope, that’s not a joke. I mean it. If you want adventure but you only have a few moolahs to spare or the weather’s been terrible for actual travel by land or air then do not despair my friend. Paperback is the answer. Or for those with access to download, e-Book will save the day.

While I may not be an expert on books, here are some recommendations I can give you if you want to go on your own book adventure and travel via your imagination.

(Horror) Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk

Photo source: http://wp.stockton.edu/goodfellowlc/this-is-not-suffering-a-close-reading-of-obsolete/

The cover itself is an apt description of what you’d likely expect from this book. The reason why I also categorized this as horror is because it’s what the book is. The book isn’t horrific supernaturally. It is just too horrific for words that you wouldn’t convince me to read this again. Ever. If you never read this book yet you proudly call yourself a horror fan, do yourself a favor by reading this and prove that you are really a horror fanatic. Read from cover to cover. Digest it. If you can.

(Romance) Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

Photo source: http://notsoaveragetwentysomething.blogspot.tw/2012/06/time-travelers-wife-audrey-niffenegger.html

Honestly, romantic novels are not my thing but I love this novel because of its magical realism and its take on the human cycle of life. If you already watched the movie, you would definitely enjoy the book more. One reason to read this? Alba.

(Philosophical) Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

Photo source: http://dosesofreality.blogspot.tw/2010/06/atlas-shrugged-quote-2.html

If there’s a book that truly changed my life, it’s this. I have never looked at money and selfishness the same way again. Ayn Rand used Atlas Shrugged to express her phisophical idea–Objectivism. The book may be intimidating to read because of its thickness but I am telling you, your life is half-lived as a bookworm if you never try reading this. It will transform you in more ways than one.

(Chick-Lit) Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

Photo source: http://book-rain.com/2011/03/page/2/

If you watched the movie and thought it was so-so, then that is the precise reason why you should read the book. I personally think the movie failed to give justice to the awesomeness of this chick-lit. If you’re looking for a way to relax and unwind with a good book, pick this up first and you might just find yourself digging into the entire series afterwards.

(Action) Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

Photo source: http://www.mahoganycirclebookclub.org/pages/angels.html

Of all the books Dan Brown wrote, this is the only one I actually liked and wanted to see on film. The book packs action without going too brainy and the twist is just right. The story’s development is also rich enough to keep you glued and reading page after page. The care and thoughtfulness involved in creating the ambigrams in the book is also something worth noting as you read along. I loved that this was done to make the reader an active participant rather than a passive spectator while going through the story.

(Fantasy) A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin

Photo source: http://www.coverwhiz.com/books

I would have said Harry Potter but I think that’s already a given. Plus, I know most people who say they love Game of Thrones are not quite aware that it’s actually from the A Song of Ice and Fire Series. GOT is just the first book. I personally like A Storm of Swords among the entire series because I think this is where the “game of thrones” or the battle gears for the Iron Throne has been set in full no-holds-barred motion. This is where I saw most characters develop their story lines and start to unveil how they would most likely be important in the series’ development. “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”

(New Age) The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

Photo source: http://coultercurated.wordpress.com/2010/01/29/currently-reading-the-celestine-prophecy-by-james-redfield/

Talk about energy fields and aura and being in touch with a higher being is what this book is mainly about. If you’ve ever wondered about spirituality as a whole and how people have auras that supposedly affect their well-being, then this is the book for you. It’s actually a novel but I have a feeling that James Redfield, like Ayn Rand, also used this novel as a means of introducing his spiritual philosophy. While it may not exactly change your life, it’s a good dip into the pool of New Age and Eastern philosophical school of thought.

(Biography)  Bossypants by Tina Fey

Photo source: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/paperback-cover

Probably the best autobiographical account I’ve read so far. Bossypants is not about work per se but about Tina Fey’s humble beginnings up to the point when 30 Rock skyrocketed into fame. I love how she applied her comical ways and gave some helpful writing tips in this book without really being, well, bossypants. It’s hilarious. Even her way of paying tribute to the people who’s been the rock of her career is so Tina Fey. I loved and respected her more now after reading this.

(Young Adult) Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

Photo source: http://www.wordchasing.com/review-the-perks-of-being-a-wallflower-by-stephen-chbosky/

“We accept the love we think we deserve” and so much more can be quoted from this book until the end of time. The feeling of being infinite and breaking out of one’s introverted shell are just among the perks you will find in this gem. I love how Charlie is so relatable and how each of the characters are not really just placed there to support Charlie’s story. They, in themselves, also make this book the beauty that it is. The twist inside is also mind-boggling. Pick it up and experience your days of youth and self-discovery all over again… until you feel infinite.

(Essays) How to Travel with a Salmon by Umberto Eco

Photo source: http://forums.hipinion.com/viewtopic.php?t=87&p=1486128

If you want them short and sweet but still very much worth your time, I recommend reading this. Learn about the fine art of satire and parodies in literature via Umberto Eco’s collection of essays that are somewhat journal-like and autobiographical in nature. He takes on the most mundane things and turns it into something short of a Nobel-prize winning take on how one eats meals while riding on plane.

(Children’s Fiction) The Missing Piece Meets the Big O by Shel Silverstein

Photo source: http://www.harpercollinschildrens.com/books/Missing-Piece-Meets-Big-O-Shel-Silverstein/?isbn13=9780060256586&tctid=100

At first glance, it’s not difficult to see why you would categorize this book under the children’s section. It has the illustration and simplistic textual content that makes it an easy read for kids. But as you go along the story, you will see that it isn’t just a kid’s book. It’s more of an adult book in the sense that the underlying conversation that ensues between The Missing Piece and The Big O are actually life issues that adulthood brings–the endless search for one’s purpose and finding contentment with who you are. Pretty deep eh?

(Filipino) ABNKKBSNPLKo by Bob Ong

Photo source: http://ebookpinoy.blogspot.tw/2010/10/abnkkbsnplako-bob-ong.html

Hindi ko alam kung paano sisimulan ang pagiging astig at malupet ng librong ito. Ang alam ko lang eh kahit na hindi ko naranasan kumain ng nutribun sa recess eh parang naglakbay parin ako pabalik sa pagiging elementary habang binabasa ko ito. Isa ito sa mga librong gugustuhin mong ulit-ulitin dahil sa aral at nostalgia na mararamdaman mo. Hindi ko parin kilala kung sino talaga si Bob Ong hanggang ngayon pero ang tanging alam ko lang ay isa syang henyo. Ito rin ang unang librong nailabas ng misteryosong si Bob Ong. 

(Non-Fiction) Posterity: Letters of Great Americans to their Children by Dorie McCullough Lawson

Photo source: http://www.brainpickings.org/index.php/tag/letters/page/10/

I am still in the process of reading this one and yes, I was right to have made this purchase based from gut-feel. I loved the book because of its sheer heartfelt simplicity. Albert Einstein’s letter to his 9-year-old son is a gem worth reading and reading all over again. Imagine reading actual letters sent by great minds and legendary people such as Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Edison to their child. This is how they talk when they talk love and family.


Well, I would actually want to introduce more but if this list isn’t enough to get you reading then I don’t know what will. But I do hope that even if you don’t pick up any of the books listed above, you will still try your best to start reading as a hobby. Give yourself the opportunity of experiencing a kind of travel that encompasses time, space, and reality.

There are no limits to traveling when reading. No visas, passports, or hotel check-ins to ensure.

You can be as free as you allow your mind to be.

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